Rosh Hodesh for Teen Girls

In Moving Traditions’ Rosh Hodesh groups, teen girls* gather monthly with a trained adult mentor using a dynamic curriculum. Together in a circle of support, participants experience a brave, sacred space for them to articulate their deepest concerns, consider the impact of gender norms on their daily lives, celebrate and support together through joys and challenges, be their authentic selves with their peers, and explore topics that matter most to them.  

*All of our teen groups are safe and inclusive spaces for youth to join as they self-identify. Nonbinary teens are welcome in whatever space they feel most comfortable. 

Find a Group

Locate a Jewish institution near you offering a Rosh Hodesh group.


Who: Rosh Hodesh is a safe, inclusive space for Jewish girls and nonbinary teens. Rosh Hodesh group leaders are hired by the hosting institution (or directly by Moving Traditions for community groups) and are trained by Moving Traditions in our research-based methodology. Group leaders are chosen because of their desire to serve as healthy adult role models for teens.  

Where: Most Rosh Hodesh groups are offered through a partnering synagogue or institution (such as a school, JCC, camp, etc) who has licensed the Moving Traditions curriculum for the program in order to offer it to their own teens. Sometimes we offer “community groups” when there is a group of teens/families who want a Rosh Hodesh group, but they aren’t affiliated with a Moving Traditions partner. Groups either meet at the hosting institution or rotate through the rooms of the teens in the group. Due to Covid or geographic realities, some groups meet online or in a hybrid of online/in-person depending on circumstances. 

When: Most Rosh Hodesh groups meet once a month, for 1.5 – 2 hours if in person, and for 1 – 1.5 hours if online. The schedule depends on each specific group – find one near you. 

“It’s the most important community I’m a part of. I’ve gone through so much this year, and the group leader and my peers have helped me so much.”
– Rosh Hodesh Participant

Engaging Discussions & Dynamic Curriculum

Like all Moving Traditions programs, Rosh Hodesh combines Jewish wisdom made relevant for today with positive psychology and social-emotional learning – proven methods of learning that foster wellbeing.  

Want to get a taste of what participants talk about? Request sample curriculum or take a look at the Rosh Hodesh curricular overview


Named for the monthly holiday marking the arrival of the new moon, Rosh Hodesh (head of the month) has been considered a sacred time for women since biblical times. The holiday was reclaimed by Jewish feminists in the 1970’s as a time for women to gather together and explore Jewish religiosity, spirituality, and culture through a feminist lens, as well as a time to forge deep relationships and connections around their experiences as women.